It sounds when you step with momentum, when you clap with enthusiasm and when you breathe deeply If it is not heard, if you step, clap and breathe without being heard, that means you’re not doing it with enough desire. It’s not about drawing attention, or saying here I am, it is about recovering an enthusiasm that you can not or don’t want to hide, and then share and spread it


One day you stepped and stumbled, and not satisfied with that, you kept walking without changing the course while they advised you to turn aside… and you were wrong. All saw it except you. That was, is and will always be the problem of human being who does not learn from somebody else, who has to fail for himself to be aware of the errors and make amends. But you had enough courage to shake off and keep going, lamenting yourself just a moment – which is also necessary – and promising yourself to not do it again, but knowing that you can fall back just around the corner: will and realism in equal parts… When you regain the path, holding your head high, with solid steps, go ahead and decisively, ultimately be seen and heard when you are coming.


One day you applauded reluctantly, because everyone did, without believing in what you, somehow, showed admiration. You were surrounded by people who did not repress their enthusiasm and thought for a moment that you shared it, but your palms were part of a whole and rightly were unnoticed… Don’t let you get carried away, don’t ride on any train by what we have heard so many times that they only stop once, believe me that sometimes it is better to not stop at your station, even desirable that they just speed up in that moment. Don’t join the “anything worths” because it is simply one of the most false statements I’ve ever heard. Be selective because people will be with you, calibrate if compensates you to be one way or another, to be here or there, with this or with that… and clap loudly when the occasion merits, when they leave you without words, when you thrill about something or someone, but never by inertia.


One day you breathed without passion, without thanking for being alive one more day, without having in mind that twenty-four hours ahead represent a new opportunity, to correct what you did wrong yesterday and focus yourself on where you want to be tomorrow. You breathed with difficulty because you worried too much and gave more importance to what did not come than to your small successes, you cared about own and external problems and were unable to think beyond. But there is no evil that lasts a hundred years, you knew to take fresh air and recover the pulse and while there is pulse, there is hope, don’t forget it.


After all, it might be good to make some noise and your footsteps to be heard, your palms and your breath… These are signals of enthusiasm, joy and excitement in equal parts, almost nothing.


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